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A Childhood Dream: What Inspired Us To Start Our Business

Thinking back on my childhood, I had no idea how important fairies were to me.  They filled my imagination and became some of my closest friends.  I love the way they loved nature, I love the way they were sweet to animals, I love the way they wore petal skirts and I love the way they let my imagination run.  I use to write notes to my fairies and place them in a little wooden box my grandfather had made for me, wishing that the fairy would visit me sometime during the night.  Fairies soothed my little energetic sprit and made me believe in all things beautiful in the world.

I grew up with a very creative mind.  You would always find me with scissors in my hand and a glue stick.  I found my greatest happiness when I was letting my mind run wild.  My dad would call many of my creations LF which stood for “land fill” or in other words trash.  This never stopped me, it wasn’t LF to me, it was just another idea I wanted to get out of my head and into my hands.

It was my love for fairies and creating things that brought our Mönelie Fairies to life.  I have always had an image in my head of what my little fairy looked like, but my mom was never able to find a doll that I was able to love, cherish and play with.  Everywhere we looked we found fairies to be figurines, not dolls.

When I was 16 years old I started working for a scrapbook company as an intern.  I watched as ladies would bounce around ideas on a computer screen and months later they would have their paper products, that had been mass-produced, in their hands and on shelves in stores.  This was a whole new world I didn’t even know existed which opened my eyes to how products go from dreams to reality.

I had never sat back and thought how products ended up on shelves.  I had never thought how many products were a persons dream, their whole lives.  I had never wondered about the satisfaction they must feel as they see their products on shelves and the even greater satisfaction they must feel when they see someone using and loving their product.  It was that job, and that summer that I wondered if my love for fairies, if the dolls I had envisioned in my head my whole life, could come to life and be shared with little girls all over the world.  That was the moment that would change my life for many years to come. 

Even with that experience, I still didn't  really know what went into creating a product until I did it for myself.  From creating prototypes, filing patents, finding manufactures, reinventing your product, creating tooling and molds, product safety testing, re-molding and retesting, shipping, creating a website, finding stores and marketing.  That this process would take 6 years, would put you hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, would break you down countless of times and may not even work in the end.  To be honest, if someone would have told me this when I started this adventure I may have never done it, but I probably would have always wished I had.

It is safe to say that I now understand why so many people have ideas but never do anything about them. Creating a product is hard, no matter what someone tells you, it will be one of the hardest things you ever do, but what will keep you going is the dream of your product coming to life.  How just the smallest glimmer of hope will keep you pushing ahead.  

This is where our adventure began.

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