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Fairy Night Light

Fairy Globe Fairy Night Light Night Light

A fairy night light is a perfect way to brighten up any room at night. On the blog we are sharing a simple way to create this sweet fairy night light that will keep your little one sleeping sound knowing she has her fairy friend watching over her! 

Up first, the supplies you will need: 

• Plastic globe (You can find these at your local Michael's store, and they are easier to find around Christmas time. If you aren't able to find this sphere globe, a mason jar will work the same way.)

• Wood base 

• Stickers - butterfly, starts, flowers, grass and of course a little fairy! I tried cutting out a fairy template instead of splurging on this expensive Tinkerbell sticker but I found it worked better when she was a sticker vs. a cutout because I was able to put her right up against the globe, and her silhouette appeared better with the night light. 

• Moss

• White spray paint - make sure it will work with plastic (or glass if you use a mason jar)

 • A battery operated tea light - easy to find at any craft store in the wedding section

• Any additional accessories. On this one I added jewels, a bow and some rocks. 

First, start by decorating the globe. Make sure you are putting the stickers on the inside of the globe. Position your fairy sticker so she looks like she is standing on the grass ground. 

After you have placed all the stickers in the globe, turn to the base and add some moss, rocks or whatever else you want on the ground of the night light. 

Here's what my globe looked like after all the sticker and accessories were put in place. 

This is the important part! I tried so many ways to make the white even. At first I tried painting the whole globe on the inside before putting all of the stickers on, and it was so difficult to get the white looking consistent and thin enough to see the silhouettes after I was done with the project. Not to mention, the paint took forever to dry in the globe.

So FINALLY, after trying with three different globes I figured out that it was best to spray paint the globe after I was done creating the scene on the inside. 

Make sure to spray light coats, and multiple times so that it reads solid white at the end. 


Now to finish off the project, glue the bottom of the globe onto the base and put in the tea light... 

Now, flip on the tea light and watch your fairy light glow! 

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