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The Perfect Flower Fairy Crown

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This week on the blog we want to show you a simple way to make a sweet flower fairy crown that will make your little girl feel like the fairy princess she is! 

We have simplified this tutorial to it's easiest form, so even the smallest hands can feel like they played a big role in creating their crowns! 

The supplies you will need: 
• Thick metal wire (this will be used to make the band that goes around the head)
• Vine like leaves 
• Floral tape
• Fake flowers 
• Scissors

First, make a circle out of the wire that fits comfortably around your head, you want it to be loose and just sit on top of your head like a crown! Use floral tape to connect the two ends of the wire. 

Next, start by laying the leaves / vines around the wire. Connect these leaves by twisting the floral tape in between each leaf.  (Floral tape sticks to itself so you will not need any glue, just make sure to do tight enough twists so that the tape has something to stick to.)

After you have completed attaching the leaves / vines start by adding in the flowers, you will do this the same way you did the leaves / vines with the floral tape. You will need to go over the flower stems multiple times with the floral tape so that you make sure they are secure.

And there you have it! A simple tutorial that will leave your little ones feeling like a fairy princess! 

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