Milla - Doll, Ribbon Wand and Stand – mönelie

Milla - Doll, Ribbon Wand and Stand

$ 14.95

Fairy Facts

Meet Milla - Milla has light hair, light blue top, orange petal skirt and blue shoes, Milla flies on a light blue ribbon wand.  Milla is the most lighthearted of all the fairies, always kind she wants to make sure everyone feels included in her fairy home.  She will remind you how being sweet is within fairies nature.

No face

The first thing you will notice about our fairies is that they do not have specific facial features. When a child is sad, they may not want their doll smiling back at them. Our dolls are faceless so that the child can project their emotions to the doll. Whether happy and excited or sad and alone, a child can share their personal feelings with their fairy friend.

Your little one's best friend

Fairies are unique, feminine, sweet, small and will fill a different purpose for everyone. Children believe in fairies because they take them to a special part of their world where no one else can go. Fairies can be as creative, imaginative, and magical as a child wants them to be.

Our fairy dolls are meant to be played with. They can be flown around on their ribbon wands or held in your little one's hands. The fairies have been made with movable joints and are durable.

Fairy Features

Flower Skirts Each fairy doll has a unique silk flower skirt.

Fairy Height Your Mönelie fairy doll stands just 3 ½ inches tall.

Fairy Hair The fairy doll's hair is made from strands of embroidery floss.

Fairy Ribbon Wand Each wand has several shades of coordinating ribbon.

Wand Base Ribbon wands are placed in a base so the fairy can be displayed safely and easily.

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