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Mönelie is a U.S.-based toy company that is dedicated to creating affordable quality toys that evoke joy and hope through imaginative play. We believe toys are meant to be cherished and to create lasting memories. All of our products are made with attention to the smallest details, with safety being paramount.

The charming Mönelie stories, combined with beautiful watercolor illustrations, bring the fairy world to life with vibrant detail. Important values are shared in each book helping children learn about friendship, perspective and other valuable life lessons.

Elizabeth Nielsen – Co-Founder

Elizabeth, co-founder of Mönelie, is the mother of three children; she received her Bachelors of Science from the University of Utah in Psychology. Her real passion and love come when she is creating beautiful things. One of her passions has been creating fairy dolls with her daughters as they were growing up. She has always believed in the sweet nature and beauty of fairies. These fairy creations have enchanted every corner of their home. She believed that others look for these moments in their lives and wanted to share this joy.

Montana Bach – Co-Founder

Montana, co- founder of Mönelie and daughter of Elizabeth, graduated from the University of Utah in Strategic Communication and Industrial Design. Growing up, she had a real passion for creating. She always believed in fairies and wanted to bring her love and passion for fairies to others. With neighbor girls knocking on her door to hear more fairy tales, she knew she wanted to create a toy that could evoke the same joy, hope and love of fairies that she had. To this day Montana is quoted saying, “There is not a doubt in my mind that fairies are real!”

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