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Mönelie Development

When designing our fairies, we wanted to make sure we came to the toy market with a new and innovative doll. We desired to share the fairies from our childhood with thousands of other children. We wanted to bring them the same joy that we had experienced. Creating a doll for that could be mass produced for the toy market has been a very long process. Over the past several years, we have made several revisions to our doll to ensure we met all toy safety regulations while keeping the look and feel of our original fairies. We started creating fairy dolls by wrapping embroidery floss around plastic-coated wire for their bodies and using a wood bead for their heads.

We eventually removed the wire from the body because we were not satisfied with its durability. We then tooled the thin, small fairy body out of a soft and pliable plastic. Another feature of our first prototype that we loved was the hand-wrapped doll's shirt and shoes. To preserve this look, we imbedded the embroidery floss thread design into the mold to give the appearance and texture of the original floss. In our final prototype, we switched the wood bead head to a sturdy yet soft plastic bead to allow the hair to be sewn into it.