Mönelie Launches A New Line of Fairy Dolls

Salt Lake City, UT – May 12, 2015 – Introducing Lola, Chloe, Mirabelle, Koko, Penelope, Chantelle and Milla! Mönelie’s Classic Line of fairy dolls characterize the uniqueness of children around the world! Share their adventures as you read the Mönelie book series featuring these fairies; however, their real magic will be revealed during hours of imaginative play! Attach the wand to the fairy doll and make her fly.  After play, place the fairy wand into the base for a beautiful display.

Mönelie began years ago when the company founders Elizabeth Nielsen and Montana Bach, mother and daughter, enjoyed creating magical fairy friends. They would place the dolls throughout their home knowing that a friend was always nearby. One day it occurred to them that others would also enjoy having these fairy doll friends in their own homes. The beautiful Mönelie fairy dolls are in the final stages of production, and coming your way! 

The Mönelie fairy doll sets are available for pre-order on

Estimated shipdate August 2015

Choose one or collect all seven fairy doll friends today!

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